Contributors for La Cuisine d'Hélène

Geneviève Charest

My mom started teaching me to cook when I was pretty young. I think at 10 I was making eggs for breakfast and cooking macaroni. Simple, but effective! 

I just love being in the kitchen, whether it's cooking or baking. I love when the smells start to mingle and you know you're getting the recipe just right. I also love that pleasant surprise when you finally get to bite into your dish and discover what it tastes like. I'm always impressed by what you can achieve by mixing simple ingredients in different ways.

I finished my bachelor in Journalism a year ago and I now live in downtown Ottawa in a small bachelor apartment where I do my best to cook and bake despite the limited space and lack of oven - I use a toaster oven, thanks mom and dad!

I especially love cooking for my friends and family. I invite my brother who's still in university often and send him off with leftovers and cook for my family or friends every so often. It's much better in my mom's kitchen because she has everything!

I've always been so inspired by my mom, her photography and her blog. I always steal recipes from it! And I'm really honoured to be a contributor here.