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Caprese Salad

We spent last week-end in Port Hardy. It's a small community at the end of Vancouver Island. My son Mathieu had a hockey tournament. I enjoyed the week-end. The hotel had a suite with full fridge and stove. I cooked for the boys homemade meals. All the other players were eating junk food. I was the only mom that was cooking meals. I guess I can really call myself a foodie. It was to the point where the parents were asking me about what I would be cooking next. One night we had the Fennel and Sausage pasta, that I featured on this blog. One boy had three servings. The next day for lunch we had Split Pea soup and for Dinner mashed potatoes/carrots with Turkey. Even when we are on the road I like to have homemade meals. Is anyone like me?

For this month Cooking Light Virtual Club we are having an Italian feast. I prepared a delicious Caprese Salad. I could not get enough of the tasty mozzarella cheese from a local cheese factory the Natural Pastures Cheese. This cheese is an Authentic mozzarella made of water buffalo milk and is a porcelain white, moist ball of fresh cheese. With fresh basil and tomatoes, a drop of olive oil and this was a great lunch for me. I had this salad three days in a row last week-end.

We are experiencing lot's of rain in the Valley this year. January was grey and rainy and February has not been better. I can't wait for those sunny days to take better pictures. I love to take pictures in daylight with no flash but let me tell you that I was not happy with the weather since the beginning of January. Hope we see the sun soon.

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